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Agricultural Electrical Services

Those who work in the western Saskatchewan agricultural community know the importance of proper electrical work on a farm or facility. That’s why you should rely on Reinbold Electric Ltd. for your agricultural electrical services. With a team of highly trained electricians and the backing of industry leading suppliers, Reinbold Electric can provide you with the highest quality equipment for your facility to ensure you never experience complete equipment failure - and provide you with the peace of mind knowing your operation will run smoothly and safely with no surprises. Whether you’re looking to relocate your service from overhead to underground, or require a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, Reinbold Electric has your solution. With 24/7 support you can ensure your problems will always be solved in a timely manner.

We Understand Farming

Our business is in the heart of farm and cattle country, which gives us valuable insight into understanding what is needed to run an agricultural operation. Whether you operate a small farm, or a large agricultural operation, you can rely on our knowledge and dependability for everything from repairs and upgrades to design and installation. We offer comprehensive electrical services for everything from livestock barns to grain dryers and aeration fans.

 We have extensive experience and understanding regarding the unique challenges that face Western Saskatchewan farmers. With locations in Macklin and Kindersley, Reinbold Electric takes pride in our knowledge of the agricultural industry and we’re proud to help our local farming community grow with today’s electrical technology.

Your Project is Just Our Size

Some of our agricultural electric services include:

  • Standyby Generators

  • Grain Dryers & Aeration Fans

  • Bin Level Indicators

  • Irrigation Pumps & Controls

  • Constant-Pressure Control Systems

  • Single to 3-phase Conversion

  • Single & 3-Phase Motors

  • Power-factor Correction

  • Ground-fault Detection in Underground Systems

  • Lightning Protection

  • Underground Service & Trenching

  • Backup Power Systems

  • CCT Surveillance Systems

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Fault Finding & Repairs

  • New Construction

  • Renovations/Additions

  • Livestock/Equipment Barn Wiring

  • Water Pump Installation

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